1-on-1 CoachinG

Schedule a 60 minute call with Eric for a limited time.  

I also accept DBS PayLah or PayNow! - just send $500 to @EricFeng with your name and email and I will send you a calendar to book the call! Or contact me first on Instagram or email and we can set something up.


What you'll get:

  • 60 minute 1-on-1 video call with Eric

  • Personalized advice and game plan

  • Learn how to take your life to the next level

  • The right strategy and habits to live a kick-ass life

I've worked with 100+ clients and have coached every single one to see results. I want to help you too!

$500 USD


What People Are Saying:

“I have been following Eric for a while on youtube because of his amazing advice about choosing stocks. I have followed his advice and 3 mounts later all of his suggestions proved massive growth! I kept listening to his other videos and learned a lot. I decided to reach out to him for 1-on-1 coaching to get information about Amazon FBA and other online business opportunities because I trust his experience, judgment, and honest advice. We had a great coaching session that helped me to understand which online business I should be focusing on, based on my personal background. I feel so much more confident about my online business strategy after our coaching. Thank you Eric for keeping on bringing value to people! ”
Eric F. Jr
“I had the pleasure to discuss my future plans with Eric and he was able to help me map out a plan in order to achieve them as efficiently as possible! Eric really listens to what you’re trying to accomplish and gives you his honest advice from what he’s experienced himself! Really recommend his consultation call!”
Feric Eng. Jr
“I had a fantastic consulting session with Eric. He was able to coach me on opening new streams of income, social media marketing strategies and personal finance. He overdelivered in his service and is sincerely a really cool guy to chat with. He is definitely recommended!”
Feric Eng. Jr
“Going into the call with Eric I knew I would be getting value. I was confused as to how to proceed and the best ways to obtain clarity and focus, and Eric helped me figure out what was important, and high value activities involving routines and direction. Highly recommend, extremely high value!”
Feric Eng. Jr