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29 March 2020


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13 Nov 2018

So how bad is the Omicron variant really?

So how bad is the Omicron variant really?

This is a question that is in everyone’s mind

lately so I did some research and got you

some answers, from scientists’ perspective.

How fast is Omicron spreading?

Omicron’s rapid rise in South Africa is

what worries scientists the most because

it suggests the variant could spark explosive

increases in COVID19 cases elsewhere.

Can Omicron overcome immunity from

vaccines or infection?

The variant’s swift rise in South Africa hints

that it has some capacity to evade immunity.

How will vaccines fare against Omicron?

Vaccines’ potency against the Omicron variant

could be blunted, early analysts suggest.

Will current boosters improve protection

against Omicron?

The threat of Omicron has prompted some

rich countries, such as UK, to accelerate

and broaden the roll-out of COVID vaccine

booster doses. But it is not yet clear how

effective these doses will be against this


Does Omicron cause milder or more severe

disease than previous variants?

Early reports linked Omicron with mild disease

raising hopes that the variant might be less

severe than some of its predecessors. But

these reports – which are often anecdotes

or scant scraps of data – can be misleading.

From the looks of it, current research

seems to point to a bleak 2022.

Possible lockdown.

Strict social distancing.

Shaky economy.

But there is a silver lining.

We have two years of experience battling

the COVID19 pandemic – and we survived.

What we need to do now is to REFLECT

on the last two years (2020-2021) and

extract key lessons that will not only help

us tide through the next pandemic but even


Here’s a question for you to think about.

If you get to go back in time to 2019 (a year

before the pandemic), what would you have

done differently in order for you to thrive

during the pandemic (2020-2021)?

Share your answers with me by leaving

a comment in this post.

I will compile every one’s responses

and send them to you, as a thank you

for sharing your wisdom with me.

So start thinking about the question and

leave your answers here.

Look forward to your reply.

Your #1 fan,

Eric Feng

P.S. I am planning to write to you more often

because I really want you to do well.

So here’s the plan.

On weekends (likely Sat), I will send an email

relating to topics on self-mastery. Many of

these emails will be based on my personal

experiences and observations.

On Thursdays, I will send you emails that

are more business related. Focus will be on

helping you deal with the unique challenges

of 2022.

(1) Omicron variant and the possible lockdown

(2) Growing popularity of robo-advisors

(3) Changing consumer values because of

the pandemic (in particular with millennials

and Gen Z, the digital native)

(4) Increasing competition in your industry

(competition including influencers trying to

steal market share away from you)

(5) Massive changes to social media platforms

and how we must adapt to the ever-changing

algorithm and content preferences




6 Aug • 2 min Read

These are just fruits.

If a farmer wants his tree to bear fruits, he does not focus on the fruits. He focus on the soil, the water and the sun.

Likewise if you want your social media tree to bear fruits (likes, shares, views), focus on the soil, the water and the sun.

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