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Eric Feng

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1 January 1982

Singapore, Singapore





Growing up, I was shy, scrawny and self conscious. My friends will call me Mister Invisible. And this nickname nearly cost me my speaking career because no one took notice of me. Except for one.

Ron Kaufman, a world renowned speaker who gave me a life-changing advice: "Nobody will value you unless you are a somebody in this world!"

So I started working at becoming a somebody in the business world. And thanks to social media, the world started taking notice of me.

Today, I travel around the world (my record was 35 countries in 2019) to teach financial consultants, real estate agents and network marketers how to activate the four powers of social media.

Superpower #1: Deepen relationships with your existing customers (to get repeated business)


Superpower #2: Build your personal brand (to get discovered by new customers)

Superpower #3: Generate quality customers without running ads (to enjoy predictable sales)

Superpower #4: Attract partnerships and collaboration (to get access to new markets)

This year (2020), I was also featured on Medium, London Daily and Yahoo Finance on the topic of social media marketing. In May this year, I was also verified on Facebook.

Recent Press

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Eric Feng Teaches Entrepreneurs

on Medium | 2020

27 April 2020
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How Eric Feng Learned to overcome shyness and Impact Lives

27 April 2020
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Eric Feng talks

about his Success Recipe and his

Sustainability Plans

28 April 2020
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Eric Feng gives his take on “your network is your net worth”

30 April 2020
Eric Feng - LDP.png

Eric Feng goes from Mr.Invisible to a Globally Recognized Speaker all thanks to Social Media

4 May 2020
Eric Feng - Press Kit YahooFinance.jpg

Eric Feng Launched His Program On How To Build an Attraction-Based Business

Using Social Media For Coaches And Salespeople

6 May 2020
Eric Feng - IBT.jpg

Eric Feng becomes one of the youngest Singaporean certified speaking professional (CSP)

11 May 2020
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eric Feng Interview on Entrepreneurship Magazine Disrupt | 2020

5 May 2020