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29 March 2020


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13 Nov 2018

Do you have 15 mins?

Ever since last weekend’s email (“sorry”),

I have received so many emails acknowledging

the importance of self-mastery.

Perhaps you are one of them.

But many have also cited reasons why they

failed to make self-mastery their top priority.

The most common one is the lack of time.

But what if I tell you that your breakthrough

in your career/relationships/health only

requires 15 minutes a day?

I arrived at this number based on the

1% rule shared by James Clear,

author of New York Times bestseller

Atomic Habits.

According to James, if we improve 1%

every day, we will see a 37% growth in

that area a year from now.

37% ROI!


Imagine getting…

37% more leads.

37% more income.

37% more happiness.

37% more (whatever you want).

And all you need to do is just invest 1%

of your time every day which is equivalent

to about 15 minutes.

And don’t tell me you can’t find 15 minutes!

Cut down your social media time.

Cut down your email checking time.

Cut down your unnecessary meetings.

Cut down your Netflix time.


Do any of the above and you can easily

find 15 minutes of time to work on your

personal development.

You can even incorporate

personal development within

your day to day routine!

While you are drinking your morning coffee.

While you are showering.

While you are queuing for things.

While you are commuting.

While you are waiting for people.



You can EASILY find 15 mins every day.

And the returns is just frigging amazing.

37% growth!

So as we approach 2022, think about

ONE SKILL/QUALITY you like to develop

that will have huge positive impact to your


Once you decide on that skill (creativity)

or quality (discipline), block 15 mins daily

to work on that skill/quality.

And come Dec 31 next year, enjoy the

37% growth in your income, happiness

and (whatever you want).

So what is a skill or quality you will love to

develop and master in 2022?

Share it with me so I can help you in my

future emails.

Your #1 fan,

Eric Feng

P.S. I am planning to write to you more often

because I really want you to do well.

So here’s the plan.

On weekends (likely Sat), I will send an email

relating to topics on self-mastery. Many of

these emails will be based on my personal

experiences and observations.

On Thursdays, I will send you emails that

are more business related. Focus will be on

helping you deal with the unique challenges

of 2022.