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29 March 2020


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13 Nov 2018

Five reasons why you need to consider a LinkedIn strategy

1. It’s easier to connect with potential customers using the “search” function and since LI is a professional networking platform, there’s a high chance they will respond to you. And even if they reject you, they will do it nicely.

2. People on LinkedIn are on the lookout for solutions. So you can easily start a sales conversation with them without appearing salesy.

3. LinkedIn boasts of a much higher organic reach than FB and IG so your personal connections have a higher chance of seeing your content.

4. People are nice on LinkedIn. If you like and comment on their content, they will do the same. If you share their content, they will do the same. FYI, when someone shares your content, it reaches to people of 4th-6th connection with you (which means you reach new markets effortlessly). This doesn’t happen for FB or IG.

5. LinkedIn rewards words over pictures and videos. So if you are not much of a speaker that’s ok! Write! And you don’t even need to write long paragraphs which LinkedIn doesn’t like. Write short sentences. 7-9 sentences max.


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