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29 March 2020


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13 Nov 2018

Here’s your new gameplan to setting goals and achieving them fast

Are you a big dreamer but you don’t really

know how to achieve your most ambitious


If yes, you will love this week’s email.

A little context first.

Last Friday, I chanced upon a podcast

by Mind Valley, titled “Five techniques to

hit your top three goals faster”.


Instead of your usual goal setting techniques

(e.g. break down your big goal into smaller

goals, identify key actions for each goals,

schedule time for these actions etc),

the host shared five techniques that were

super non-mainstream…

… and yet it made perfect sense.

I am going to summarise them here and

then at the end of the email, you can

download my full notes and dive deeper

Into the techniques that pique your interest.

So here goes.

1. Go into alpha state (rested brain frequency)

to visualise your goals and make positive

statements about your goals.

2. The universe want allies. Set goals that will

improve the lives of others and watch how the

universe will support you in achieving these

goals. This is in fact how you create your own


3. Avoid setting goals that are influenced by

media, your family or other people’s

expectations. Look within to create goals that

you are actually excited about.

4. Achieving goals aren’t just about intention.

It is also about destiny and fengshui. Learn to

accept that not everything will work out the

way you want. But know that everything works

out for your good (and destiny).

5. Forget about the law of attraction.

What matters more is the law of resonance.

To have, you first need to BE.

If you want to have riches, you need to change

your identity. Instead of seeing yourself poor,

you got to see abundance flowing naturally to

you like air.

Every time you need money, breathe and

believe that money is flowing to you.

When you see yourself BEING abundant,

the universe responds accordingly.


I am sure you are!

My notes will help.

Click here to download my notes

Pay special attention to the seven identities

you can adopt to help you achieve all your

ambitious goals.

I also included a section on “asking lofty

questions” which is way more powerful

than just having affirmations. You will know

why from my notes too.

Now I know this “stuff” may be new to you…

… so if you need clarification, feel free to look

me up on Instagram.

You can reach me here:

This is going to be my last email sent

from 2020.

Just want to take this opportunity