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Home (But Not) Alone

9pm SGT Monday

29 March 2020


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13 Nov 2018

I was tested COVID positive and all hell broke loose 😭

On the third day of CNY, I was tested

COVID positive and all hell broke loose

for me.

Physically I was in a lot of pain.

High fever at 39 degrees.

Tension headache.

Giddiness and nausea.

Painful sore throat.

Low heart rate (46 beats per min)

Body aches everywhere.

Emotionally I was in shock.

I knew COVID was real but I never thought

it would come that close.

And the idea of being locked up in my room

for seven straight days got me into a series

of panic attack.

I was in a total mess.

Even writing this email is difficult because

I can still feel the fear, anxiety and worry

that plagued me during the nine days of


The good news is I survived COVID.

But my body is still pretty screwed.

I get painful headaches every day.

I wake up several times during the night.

I am tired all the time.

So let’s call a spade a spade.

COVID sucks.

And I never wish it on anyone.

PSA: Take your booster! You will suffer less.

I didn’t that’s why the symptoms were extra

potent for me. My friend whom I infected

had an easy ten days because he took his

booster just two weeks ago.

Anyway the purpose of this email isn’t to

just tell you to take the booster.

The purpose of this email is to let you know

why I have being so quiet in Feb and that

I am back for good!

I have also gained a new found appreciation

for good health.

You know, health is like oxygen.

You don’t really appreciate it until it has

been taken away from you.

So learn from my mistake.

Don’t take your health for granted.

It is THE MOST IMPORTANT gift you own.

With health, you will have the power to

gain everything good in life.

Without health, you will lose everything

good in your life.

I learnt my lesson.

And I am making changes to my lifestyle.

One, I am taking more breaks

in between my work.

During these breaks, I will drink a cup of water,

enjoy the breeze by the window or just lie on

my bed to rest.

Two, I try to stop work at 7pm every day

whenever possible.

So yes, no more than 16 hours workday.

During the few hours of break before sleep,

I will either spend time with my family/friends

or spend time doing things I enjoy like

reading a book or taking a long walk in the


In other words, I am slowing down to the

speed of life.

My work is still very important to me.

I love what I do but I also realise that

I got to love my body too.

Only then can I have the power to continue

doing what I am born in this world to do.

I hope this email reaches you and inspires

you to also make health your number one


Your #1 fan,

Eric Feng

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6 Aug • 2 min Read

These are just fruits.

If a farmer wants his tree to bear fruits, he does not focus on the fruits. He focus on the soil, the water and the sun.

Likewise if you want your social media tree to bear fruits (likes, shares, views), focus on the soil, the water and the sun.

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