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9pm SGT Monday

29 March 2020


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Best branding advice


13 Nov 2018

Instagram only starts to take you seriously when you're actively doing IG LIVE.

This is what my friends who have dominated Instagram told me months ago.

Every time you go live, your followers are notified and your IG profile pic will move to the front of the IG story queue. This encourages engagement which in turn facilitates trust.

One of my friends grew his account to 150K followers after doing IG LIVE every day for four months.

So yes I am going to do the same 😏

IG LIVE every day (except Sundays) for the next 21 days. This is how long it takes to cultivate a habit so I am trusting that I will get used to doing this and YOU will get used to seeing me on IG LIVE.

Three quick IG LIVE tips:

1. Invite someone to go live with you. It will be more fun for your followers too and you only need to talk half the time haha. Pick guests who has followers that you like to do business with!

2. Promote your IG LIVE a few hours before Also collect questions in ad