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9pm SGT Monday

29 March 2020


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13 Nov 2018

Sorry :(

Other than the recent emails

about the EPIC sharing, I haven’t been

writing to you. Sorry about it.

So what happened the last two months?

Well, I was deep in the trenches with

my mentees, helping them to hit their

ambitious sales goals.

And you already know what happened

from last Friday’s sharing.

A number of first time MDRT qualifiers.

Mentees earning 60K-100K quarterly income.

Two million dollar agencies.

So now that they are busy enjoying their

fruits of labour, I have some breathing space

to reflect and write to you.

Having started coaching for a full year now,

I came to an important realisation.

If you could have done it on your own,

you would have already done it.

So why is it that in spite of easy access to

information and advice, only few emerge at

the top?

Five reasons.

Poor execution.

Lack of willpower.

Limiting beliefs.

Fear of people’s opinions.

No self-discipline.

Notice the common denominator here?

It all relates to how well you master yourself.

In fact, you can think of self-mastery

as a container.

And the bigger your container,

the more you can hold.




Today, there is SO MUCH free resources

to help you become wealthy, influential

and successful but question is do you have


hold them?

Sadly, many people’s containers are slow.

Some even with holes.

This is why I have come to a conclusion that

if you want to enjoy all the wealth, influence

and success in this world, you got to make

your personal growth your number one


Master yourself and you master the world.

So let’s do a bit of coaching right now.

What is holding you back from all the

wealth, influence and success you are

suppose to enjoy?

Reply to this email.

Let me know.

Your #1 fan,

Eric Feng

P.S. I am planning to write to you more often

because I really want you to do well.

So here’s the plan.

On weekends (likely Sat), I will send an email

relating to topics on self-mastery. Many of

these emails will be based on my personal

experiences and observations.

On Thursdays, I will send you emails that

are more business related. Focus will be on

helping you deal with the unique challenges

of 2022.

(1) Omicron variant and the possible lockdown

(2) Growing popularity of robo-advisors

(3) Changing consumer values because of

the pandemic (in particular with millennials

and Gen Z, the digital native)

(4) Increasing competition in your industr