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29 March 2020


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13 Nov 2018

The 4️⃣ rules of life you wish you know 🤷‍♂️

One of the teachers that I respect a lot is

Vishen Lakhiani.

He is the founder of Mindvalley, an online

learning platform that boast of 12 million

students from 80 countries.

Wanting to be an influential teacher like him,

I study all his content on YouTube and

and podcast.

But there was one YouTube video that

was so powerful I “force” my close friends

to watch it and they were eternally grateful

to me.

So in this week’s Earnestly Eric, you are

in for a treat because I will share with you

the essence of this enlightening video.


that when observed, will make you

a formidable force in this world.

Here goes.

Rule 1: Your work is not about your work.

Rather your work is nothing more than the

greatest vehicle for your personal evolution.

In other words, your career, your finances,

your children – they are all vehicles of your

personal growth.

And when you make personal growth your

number one priority, everything else in your

life grows with it.

Rule 2: When you dream big, your problems

become small.

I hear this being said so many times by

powerful people.

The most recent one being Chris Do,

another influential teacher with over

a million subscribers on YouTube.

I asked him during our podcast interview

“Why did you set a 1B student goal?”

His reply: “The way these goals work is, it’s

got to be so big it’s going to keep you busy

for a really long time.”

So busy that you won’t focus on the

non-important stuff like what other people

think about you or a friend who forgets your


Rule 3: Your life is not about you.

Rather, your life is about the lives of

everyone you touch.

So I encourage you to relook at your goals.

Are they self-serving?


Have 10K followers

Win ABC award

Make a million dollars

Yes, you may one day achieve these goals,

but you will probably remain dissatisfied

and want more.

And it will end up becoming

a bottomless pit.


Because we are made to be of service

to others.

This is our TRUE NATURE.

Align to that true nature of serving others,

and you will never wake up feeling worried,

lonely, sad or unworthy.

Rule 4: We do our best work when we care

for each other and are cared for.

The first part of rule 4 is an extension of

rule 3.

But I like to draw your attention to the

second part of rule 4.

You do your best work when YOU


It is impossible to fill other people’s cups

when yours is empty.

So before you can fulfil your God given

destiny, make sure you surround yourself

with people who truly care about you and

see the best in you.

Be in a nurturing environment