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13 Nov 2018

This insurance agent got called up by MAS 🚨

If you are an insurance agent or

financial advisor, you never want to

get called out by the regulatory


In Singapore case, it is the

Monetary Authority of Singapore

(in short, MAS).

Long story short.

This agent has been actively creating

content on social media but someone

anonymously made some accusation

about him and got him called up by MAS.

I introduced him to my lawyer to

help him sort things out.

But from my POV, he did nothing wrong.

I think it is the work of a jealous competitor.

His company’s compliance team

has also cleared him so all good.

But this begets a question.

Are what you are doing on

social media LEGAL?

Are you unknowingly breaking copyright

laws or your own company’s compliance


And to make matters worse, Singapore is

updating the copyright laws which will directly

impact content creators, which is you and I.

FYI, these laws will come into effect

by November 1.

This is why I have taken the liberty of

inviting my lawyer who is an expert with

social media law to come and speak to you

about how you can avoid getting into

trouble with the law.

Join us for an exclusive chat here

There is only one catch.

He is a super shy lawyer haha so

he doesn’t want a big class.

This is why I am limiting the web consult

into just 100 people.

Mind you, this email is sent out to 50K


And I have reserved 40 for my EPIC stars.

So we only have 60.

Be fast.

Will there be a recording?

I got to get clearance from the lawyer too

since he is doing this as a favour for me.

So I suggest you attend the live session.

This way you can ask questions too

and get immediate answers.

We have titled the web consult as

The Great Copyright Revamp and

How It Will Change The Content

Creation Industry

So if you are actively creating content

on social media, do yourself a favour

and make time for this web consult.

Details here.

What if you are not from Singapore?

Will what my lawyer shares with you be



Reason is because many other countries

here in SE Asia look to Singapore as a

leader in law making so these new laws

that are passed in Singapore will eventually

make its way to your country.

So sign up too, this will help you gain

an unfair advantage over your peers.

The Great Copyright Revamp and

How It Will Change The Content

Creation Industry Your #1 fan, Eric Feng

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To six, seven or even eight figures without

killing yourself?

If the answer is yes, you would love this week’s

interview with Alvin Poh, a tech entrepreneur

who sold his business for $33M when he was just 30 years old.

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