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9pm SGT Monday

29 March 2020


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13 Nov 2018

This past one week has been a living nightmare for me...

The past one week has been a living nightmare for me which explained the deafening silence on the gram. My body broke down without warning. In fact I’m still trying to make sense of the wreck I was in. I couldn’t breathe. My body temperatures rose and plunged uncontrollably. I was coughing non stop and I was in so much pain.


The worst blow was my mind. I was shrouded in a fog. I couldn’t focus on a thought for long and was led on a wild goose chase in my own mind. It’s scary just talking about it. I woke up every night in either cold sweat or a panic attack. My emotions were in a mess. Fear. Worry. Anxiety. Extreme sadness. They all came visiting.


So was I under a lot of stress? I guess so. Who isn't? Did something major happen at work or at home? Nope. But it is what it is.


The good news is I’m feeling a lot better already (thank God!). And I’m grateful for the space you’ve given me to go silent and recuperate. As with every experience - especially the traumatic ones - come lessons. I know you probably hear this a lot (I did too) but it bears repeating. No one suffer