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13 Nov 2018
  • Eric Feng

⌛ Top 5 business lessons people learn too late

The month of May has been an emotional rollercoaster ride for me.

My long time staff resigned.

My shoulder hurt like crazy.

Didn’t sleep well for over two weeks.

Met a lot of roadblocks with my projects.

Singapore went into heightened alert so zero social life.

I could go on but the point is, May hasn’t been an easy month for me.

Perhaps it is the same for you.

But being an eternal optimist, I told myself that I can make the best out of every bad experience by learning from it.

And I did.

So to round up the month of May, here are my top 5 lessons in business that I think people learn too late.

1. Always hire for redundancy. You cannot assume your staff will stay with you forever… unless you they are holding shares of your company.

2. For every problem we face, there is always a solution. Stop getting emotional each time you face a problem. You are wasting energy.

Breathe. If you look hard enough, you will find the root cause. Fix it and the problem goes away.

3. Don’t just spend time with people who are cool or fun. Instead, spend more time with people older than me. They have much to teach me about business and life. Here’s a million dollar question to ask them: “If you could turn back time, what would you change about your business or life?”

4. Your health is your biggest asset. With health, you can create anything. Without health, everything you create will be destroyed overnight.

So make taking care of yourself as a business decision! The more you take care of yourself, the more you can take care of others.

5. How you see yourself matters more than how others see you. When you see yourself as powerful, the future is opportunity.

When you see yourself as helpless, the world is a threat. So make it a point every day to declare your greatness and your life will catch up to that vision.

Which lesson resonates with you the most?

Let me know either by replying to this email or sharing that lesson on your favorite social media platform.

Remember to tag me!

Your #1 fan,

Eric Feng

P.S. If lesson 5 resonates with you, you got to LISTEN to this week’s podcast titled

“How to stop playing small and step into your own greatness”

If you are a VISUAL learner, then go to this video to watch my interview.

Your future self will thank you.



6 Aug • 2 min Read

These are just fruits.

If a farmer wants his tree to bear fruits, he does not focus on the fruits. He focus on the soil, the water and the sun.

Likewise if you want your social media tree to bear fruits (likes, shares, views), focus on the soil, the water and the sun.